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Perfect for hire businesses looking to maximise efficiency

  • Flexible, feature-rich package takes care of day-to-day operations
  • Seamlessly integrates with all leading accounts systems
  • Increase productivity with Driver, Workshop, and Syrinx Mobile Apps


Perfect for straightforward operations looking for an all-in-one solution

  • Cloud-based, mobile-savvy and feature-rich
  • Risk free, no setup, low monthly cost
  • Everything you need in one smart program


Perfect for advanced hire businesses looking to optimise complex operations

  • Fully customised front and back office solutions
  • Advanced asset and financial reporting
  • Hundreds of customisable HR, accounting, finance, management and marketing tools


Perfect for large corporations looking to integrate rental their way

  • A platform that integrates with the most advanced technologies
  • Hundreds of powerful tools calibrated to meet your needs
  • Completely adapted to your infrastructure

No one knows rental like we know rental.


of support staff previously worked in rental stores


systems installed worldwide


customers upgraded from competitors

Today, thousands of companies around the world depend on our award-winning software.

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Point of Rental is very courteous and knowledgeable and they always find us the answers.

Gary Anderson
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Not only are we recommended over competitors, but we are also recognized as the leading software provider for the rental industry.

Cloud Innovation World Cup
Cloud Innovation World Cup
Cloud Innovation World Cup
Cloud Innovation World Cup
Cloud Innovation World Cup
Cloud Innovation World Cup

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