It’s genuinely the best investment we have ever made in IT

Over 27 years M&P Survey Equipment Ltd had grown into one of the largest companies of its kind in the UK. One thing that hadn’t changed, however, was the company’s administration systems, which had been in place since day one. Now, with the help of Higher Concept Software, M&P Survey has market-leading Syrinx hire management software to build on its market leading position.

Family owned and managed, M&P Survey was established with the intention of supplying the industry with an efficient, high quality and reliable local service. These days the company operates fleet management contracts for companies throughout the UK, which demands slick and effective admin processes.

“We had a functional system but it was becoming evident that we weren’t at the forefront of technical improvements with our IT,” explains Les Poole, managing director at M&P Survey. “I’d been looking for 4 or 5 years but kept putting it off, wary that many of the systems out there might be too technologically advanced and do more harm than good as staff struggle to come to terms with new systems and unfamiliar processes. It’s also a significant investment to make so we needed to be sure we were choosing a company we could trust – particularly as they would be handling commercially sensitive information.”

Quick and Simple
From day one, those fears disappeared as the Higher Concept team set to work implementing the Syrinx software and teaching M&P Survey’s staff how to use it. Les grew in confidence as he could see he’d made the right decision: “Syrinx was so simple and quickly automated systems and processes that we were already using. People soon adapted to the technology and, once procedures were in place, the system was virtually self-teaching. Once you know how to use one module it’s almost identical for the others. Our previous system had been functional but we were astounded when we saw Syrinx in action.”

Within six weeks Syrinx was live but to smooth the implementation process Les decided to run duplicate systems for a time and launched over seven months, module by module, moving from hire to purchase followed by sales and then servicing. Throughout this time M&P Survey relied heavily on the Higher Concept Customer Support desk who rose to the challenge according to Les: “Everyone at Higher Concept is extremely motivated and polite – they genuinely seem to care about you as a customer and provide first class support. The customer service team is excellent. They are just so knowledgeable and patient. It was very rare that we didn’t get an immediate answer and there isn’t a problem that Higher Concept hasn’t already solved.”

“Syrinx has revolutionised the way we work”
The benefits are already being felt across the business as Les explains: “Syrinx has revolutionised the way we work. We have made huge strides from where we were and it’s genuinely the best investment we have ever made in IT. We have excellent reports, financial information and analysis of virtually anything at the touch of a button. Where we once had to complete six separate transactions we need only do it once in Syrinx. The new system has saved us incredible amounts of time, allowing staff to concentrate on delivering quality customer service rather than repetitive data entry.”

“One of the best decisions I have ever made”
Les concludes: “Investing in this state-of- the-art 21st Century software package has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Syrinx is a seamless fully comprehensive hire management system backed up by the best training and aftersales service I have come across in thirty years of business. Higher Concept is a highly professional, friendly and helpful company and our relationship with them is a true business partnership.”

Being the longest serving Leica Geosystems Ltd dealer in the UK, M&P Supply prides itself on its quality of service and reputation having invested a lot of time, effort and capital to attain its position at the top of the supply chain. Following a pain-free implementation, it’s clear that the introduction of Syrinx will help them to stay there for many years to come.

"Syrinx has revolutionised the way we work. We have made huge strides from where we were and it’s genuinely the best investment we have ever made in IT."

Les Poole

M&P Survey Equipment LTD

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