Point of Rental Software Increases Rental Business Growth


The Tool Store had previously used two other software systems that were not keeping up with the growth demands this southern Australian leading tool hire, parts and repairs company was experiencing. With over 700 accounts, they needed a streamlined, easy-to-use inventory management system to allow them to provide the exceptional customer service.


They selected Point of Rental Software and they were able to convert and transfer the large amount of data. Due to the ease of use, the team was eager to learn the system and training was completed quickly. Point of Rental’s integrated website solution through RentalHosting.com, provides a Customer Portal which allows The Tool Store to take web payments and improve customer service. This also gives their preferred customers protected access to their account information, including current balance, last payment amount, date and past due amounts. Quotes, reservations, on rent contracts, invoices and statements can be viewed and printed from there, giving their customers the freedom to access data securely and save time and money.


Since working with Point of Rental Software, The Tool Store saved over 80 hours a month, allowing them to continue to grow their business. Point of Rental’s customer service has been a testament of what they want to provide for their customers and The Tool Store couldn’t ask for more. Matt Eastburn, Director of The Tool Store stated, “Point of Rental is my whole business now. It does my inventory management right through to our service orders and customers repairs.”

"The system is definitely one of the easiest to use, it's very self-explanatory. It does our inventory management right through to our service orders. I haven't seen a system that's as seamless as what Point of Rental has to offer. I can't ask for anything more."

Matt Eastburn

The Tool Store

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