This software package was created for hirers by hirers

Still owned and operated by the founder, Tim Bloomer, Traction Equipment (Stafford) Ltd have been hiring to the construction industry for over 30 years. They supply a diverse range of quality equipment ranging from diggers and dumpers to aerial booms and scissor lifts. Latterly their range of plant has extended to 3 ton mini diggers, 3.5 ton rotoskip dumpers, 250cfm compressors and TV1200 tandem rollers.

Traction Aerial access division has also expanded and they now operate trailer mounted booms up to 17 metres, tracked booms up to 14 metres and electric scissor lifts up to 12 metres. In particular Traction are known for their fleet of Supacat Multi Terrain Multi-Purpose vehicles, which they have been supplying to organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, utility contractors and geophysical companies for the last 20 years. They also operate a number of Hagglunds Tracked Carriers for the ultimate in ground sensitive multi terrain operations.

Traction are British Standard Quality Assured to ISO 9001: 2000, and in January 2007 were recognised as an Investor in People for their commitment to training. The original hire system that was introduced by Traction to replace their old NCR paper system was soon discovered not to suit their business needs, with problems relating to the speed at which their database of equipment and customers could be accessed. They were not prepared to change established processes just to suit the software – so the search was on for a new software package, which would allow these established processes to be made more efficient.

“Created for hirers by hirers”
When Traction invited Higher Concept Software to demonstrate Syrinx to them, it was apparent that this hire system would allow their established processes to be carried out more efficiently as well as providing additional advantages to their business. The key to Traction’s decision to invest in Higher Concept Software was that it was clear to them that this software package was created for hirers by hirers. With an insider’s knowledge of the industry’s requirements, Syrinx can easily exceed these demands.

Problem-free Implementation
The entire implementation process was problem free. All equipment data, which had been painstakingly added onto the previous database, was seamlessly transferred to Syrinx ensuring that the time frame between initialisation and going live was short, and met with satisfaction. With the ease of use of the Syrinx system it didn’t take staff long to become familiar with the software. The thorough training delivered onsite at their premises ensured that staff adapted quickly to using Syrinx.

Best hire management software system available
Matt Bloomer, from Traction Equipment (Stafford) Ltd, says “Higher Concept Software, I believe, are the leaders in their industry and Syrinx, with its constant development, remains the best hire management software system available.”

"Syrinx, with its constant development, remains the best hire management software system available."

Matt Bloomer

Traction Equipment

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