The system is very good and is definitely user-friendly

Reliable, flexible and user-friendly. All of these are hallmarks of high quality rental software and are reasons why Syrinx has been the software of choice for MT Loos for almost a decade. MT Loos is a UK-based provider of portable toilet hire with coverage centred in and around Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire and North West London. The company provides portable toilet amenities for short or long term hire to suit any occasion, including corporate events, construction and industrial work sites plus other temporary locations.

Jackie Burkett-Coltman, an Administrator at the company, explains the benefits of using Syrinx: “The system is very good and is definitely user-friendly. There is flexibility on the amount of entries you can make and Higher Concept Software (the team behind Syrinx) has added new features over the years – tailoring the system to suit our needs.”

“We regularly use reports, contracts and invoicing features, a real broad spectrum of activity. We were originally on a manual system which was time and labour intensive. We chose Syrinx because it was the most suitable for what we actually do as a company and Higher Concept Software were one of the key software providers. Following implementation we were able to easily track our toilets and keep accurate records, which is vital if we are to deliver great customer service.”

“That is still the case today and the great thing is that we have seen the system continue to grow along with us. This is thanks to the assistance we receive from the support desk who are always very helpful and have often tailored reports especially for us.”

"We chose Syrinx because it was the most suitable for what we actually do as a company."

Jackie Burkett-Coltman

MT Loos

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