More time to focus on delivering impressive results for customers

With the aim of supplying the very best equipment, great customer service and specifically tailored product packages, 1 Up Access has made a real impact as Yorkshire’s new powered access hire provider. To help them maintain this impressive start they turned to Higher Concept Software and installed the Syrinx hire management system – a decision which is already delivering impressive business benefits. Whenever you are starting a new business it’s important that all of the key basics are in place – and for any hire company this means effective administration and invoicing processes. Unfortunately for 1Up neither their first-choice hire software nor software provider were able to meet their expectations.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Ben James, Managing Director, explains: “We’d actually had Syrinx at my previous company but when I made the change to set up on my own I decided that I’d like to try a change of system too. That was a mistake. We ended up dealing with terrible customer service and high costs … I couldn’t stand it anymore. We had to switch back to Syrinx.” Having previously worked with Syrinx, Ben knew it was easy to use and could deliver genuine results so he was keen to get things up and running quickly: “Implementation was very good. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to copy everything over. The time frame between initialisation and going live was about a week. The team just came over and did it all for us, managing to tie the switch over with the start of a new month.”

Focus on Growth

With Syrinx now in place, the 1Up Access team has more time to focus on using its wealth of experience and practical approach to deliver impressive results for customers. This business focus is already leading to expansion. In addition to their powered access division, 1 Up has recently decided to start hiring out alloy towers. The BETAGUARD OCTO 250 TOWER represents the new and safer way to build alloy scaffold towers as specified by major contractors. Its simplicity reduces assembly and dismantling times, which helps to save on costs – as does the fact that users can avoid the loss and damages normally associated with braced towers.

One of the things that Ben was apprehensive about with the launch of this new division was the integration with Syrinx but he soon saw there was no need to be worried: “I was actually dreading inputting the data into Syrinx as there are so many components for each tower but the input was actually very easy – with the help of the Higher Concept team the transition was seamless.” Ben has also been encouraging his staff to maximise their use of the reporting function: “The ‘What’s Out There’ reports are really useful. We make sure we use them to email customers weekly so they don’t lose track of what they have on hire. Then at the end of the month we are able to invoice efficiently as the Syrinx system cuts out a lot of the administration time for us.”

Syrinx really has been very good for us

With ongoing support from Higher Concept’s dedicated customer service team, Ben is confident that he has made the right decision and will continue to see his business grow, with the help of his new software: “Syrinx really has been very good for us. It was such a help at a time when we were struggling with an inferior system and I’m looking forward to seeing my business grow from the solid foundations we have now established.”

"After a disastrous 3 months with our initial supplier we switched to Syrinx and within 1 day we were up and running with all our plant information on the system. I would recommend Syrinx again and again, it’s easy to use and the reporting is excellent. I can’t thank Higher Concept Software enough, they pulled out all the stops when we really needed them."

Ben James

1 Up Access

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