Pointers are always going the extra mile to help others, like Batman. They invest a lot of their time and effort into protecting others and the things that are important to them, like Batman. They’re always coming up with new inventions and gadgets to help ensure that good always prevails, like…Batman.

But saying we’re Batman would open us up to a lot of lawsuits. So we thought…”What word describes Batman?”

He’s EPIC. And so is Point of Rental.


We equip our teammates, customers, and communities to reach their full potential. We foster confident autonomy to resolve issues and discover new ideas by investing in continuing education, promoting an atmosphere of open questioning and active listening, and defining a wide boundary of trust.

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We are committed to creating an environment of authenticity, honesty, and openness. Our actions demonstrate conviction and purposeful intention in the way we interact with our teammates, customers, and communities.

We’re not perfect. That’s why we have uInnovate: uInnovate Page


We are trailblazers, committed to constant innovation in everything we do for our team, our customers, and our communities. We relentlessly strive to identify opportunities and surmount future challenges to ensure success.

We’re not the only ones that think so: See Awards


We authentically care about our team and focus on supporting and mentoring them to be their best. By empowering and encouraging each other to serve in the same way, we are a positive influence on our families, customers, and communities.

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