Planning Ahead in 2015

By: Francis Ellison, Software Support, Point-of-Rental Software

Planning ahead clock and calendar

Happy 2015 from your Point-of-Rental Support Staff!

We thank you for your business and are thrilled to be entering an exciting new year with all of you! Welcome to this issue of our refreshed newsletter, where I hope you will find news that keeps you energized by the opportunities ahead and very optimistic about our future together.

During the first quarter of the year, we know that many of you target business goals and objectives based on your local market. Some of you are very busy with carnivals, fairs, and sporting events. While others are reviewing reports, counting inventory, performing necessary maintenance in the yard, warehouse and shop. If you’re the lucky one taking a vacation to an exciting destination, please send us a postcard! Your support team is well aware that for many in the rental industry, this is the busiest time of year. We’d like to remind you to take a few minutes to plan ahead and offer these first quarter tips of 2015 to help you ensure a successful season:

  • Update your 2015 calendar with hours of operation and holiday closings ahead of time. Having your calendar up-to-date also helps you efficiently plan and manage roll times, and with the integration to your website, you can help ensure everyone is up-to-date too. Follow these directions:

The menu selections are
Configuration>Store Configuration> Calendar Maintenance>enter through the Sunday-Saturday calendar into the years and find 2015, set your appropriate days, end of month and end of year (add dates if needed).

  • NetHelp is an online manual for using Point-of-Rental software. It has a list of contents, topics and a search engine to easily help locate what you are looking for. With everything from “How to Reset Your Password” to “Installing a Printer on Your Server”. NetHelp is a great source of information for our customers. Take a quick scroll through NetHelp to help you master reports, configurations and parameters. From the Program Menu, select Help (top left corner of the screen) and then NetHelp.
  • Are you aware of our “Did You Know”? These are searchable tips from
    Point-of-Rental staff that are created throughout the year (since 2013) and archived.These are our recommendations for ways to effectively manage hot topics throughout the year. In fact, sometimes these ideas come directly from you! To find the “Did You Know” area, select Help (top left corner of the screen) from the Program Menu and then click on “Did You Know”.

We hope that these suggestions will help you use your Point-of-Rental software to its fullest. Please know that we always welcome your feedback. If you have an idea for other useful features and best practices to include in this column, I would love to hear from you at [email protected]